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Tooth cysts are empty holes that look like a bag that contains liquid or air and are usually asymptomatic unless they are infected. These cysts are usually caused by a infected tooth and damaged tissue of the gum. Sometimes cysts are very enlarged and cause swelling in the bone.

These pink-sized cysts may be sterile or contain infectious agents. Now if this tooth is in the jawbone, it causes swelling in the jawbone and penetrating

The cause of teeth cysts

Cysts are caused by two causes:

1- or evolutionary origin

This means that cysts are created during the formation of body parts during fetal development due to the formation of a number of disorders.

2- With inflammation

These cysts are caused by severe dental caries or injuries to the teeth.

انواع کیست دندان

Types of tooth and gum cysts

# Cysts around the root of the tooth

These cysts are formed at the end of the roots of the teeth, due to their formation or tooth infection. With the development of tooth caries, dental decay has occurred and bacteria and cariogenic bacteria microbes attack the tooth nerve and cause infection in the root of the tooth. After some time, these infections are removed from the root end and transmitted to tissues around the root. If the root canal is given by an endodontist, the infection is removed from the tooth and the likelihood of the formation of the lesion disappears. However, if the infection stays in the tooth, gradually forming a cyst around the root of the tooth, and as the cyst grows around the root, the bones around the root will corrode and cause a large lesion in the jaw. .

#Cyst around the unerupted teeth

These cysts are usually located around the teeth of the wisdom and cause the jaw bones to die around the tooth of the womb, which if they are seen in the radiography, the wisdom teeth should be drawn. Occasionally in children aged 7 to 8 years, these cysts may develop around uneven permanent buds that cause the jaw bone to be damaged in the child eventually cause jaw bone and jaw fracture.

For this reason, in the age of 7-8, a dentistry specialist in children and adolescents ordered a full-mandibular radiography (such as OPG or panoramic view) and examined all the dangers of the cyst in the jaw of the child. Slowly This panoramic radiography, in addition to detecting the presence of cysts in the child’s jaw, shows the number of dental sprouts or the presence of extra teeth in the jaw.

#Eruption cyst

another cysts usually occur in children under the age of 2 years. These cysts are created on the child’s gums during the tooth erosion and produce a blue swelling (bruised) on the gum. Parents are often worried about seeing these cysts in their child’s mouth. However, these cysts are no worries, and they disappear after tooth decay.

# Residual cysts

The cause of these cysts is that if the teeth are infected by caries by rooting around the root of the decay, the , after tooth extracts,the residual infection around the tooth must be removed with the root of the tooth and if this infection persists in the jaw in some cases, it becomes cysts and Inflammation in the jaw.

# Nervous toothless creatures

# root canal teeth cyst

Sometimes, in the case of incomplete root canal therapy, dental infection is not completely eliminated. For this reason, it is recommended to refer to a root canal therapy specialist(endodontist) for full and specialized root canal treatment. Sometimes cysts that appear at the end of the dental root can not be removed even with root surjery and should only be removed by surgery. Note that by referring to the root canal therapy specialist and taking radiography from the root canal treatment, you can ensure that there is no cyst at the root end of your teeth.

# Who is the impacted mind teeth?

# cyst of third molar

In general, teeth that are enclosed in the jaw may become cysts. Therefore, radiography should be taken every 6 months to prevent cysts from forming. If a cyst is located around the impacted teeth, it should be removed by the surgeon, who is implanted with the implanted teeth.

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Is Tooth Cyst Dangerous?

Dental cysts are usually painless and slowly enlarging, which slowly destroy the jaw bones and create cavities in the jaw. These cysts are very likely to become malignant. The cysts gradually become weakened due to the formation of jaw cavities and enlargement of the cavity and cause bone fractures. Therefore, by detecting these cysts, they should be removed from the jaw and their contents are sampled  biopsied and sent to pathology.

Is a cyst a type of infection?

No, cysts are not infections but can be infected after a while. These cysts are usually painless and painful when infected with cysts.

What are the pimples on the gums?

When the infection comes out of the root of the teeth, it pierces the gum and enters the gum tissue around the tooth and pushes it out of the gum. These puffy pimples on the gum are called dental abscesses.after root canal therapy and removal of tooth infection, these dental abscesses are eliminated.

Do all dental infections turn into cysts?

No, usually, if infections and dental abscesses persist for a long time in the jaw, they can cause changes in the cells and cause cysts.

آبسه دندان کودک

Cysts in children

primary teeth can be transferred to the permanent teeth on the underside of the primary teeth, and the permanent teeth will turn into cysts if they are not well treated with root canal therapy and infections remain in their roots. Therefore, parents are advised to visit a pediatric dentist to treat their child’s teeth and prevent further problems in their child.

If your children are restless or afraid of dentistry, be sure to visit the Dental Hospital for Pediatric patients with sedation. For more information and costs, click on the Children’s Dental Clinic.

Treatment for teeth cysts

Dental cysts, gradually, absorb liquids, resulting in larger bone loss in the jaw bone. For this reason, who should be removed by surgery to prevent further bone destruction. If there is no surgery, and who does not remove it, the bone becomes weakened and brittle, as well as tear and tooth displacement. So, with surgery and treating a tooth cyst, prevent complications from occurring.

The cause and severity of cysts cesarean treatment are usually considered by specialist doctors and surgeons in determining the type of treatment.

Sometimes a small dental cyst can be repaired with the help of a series of medications and prescription antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs. With the help of these simple therapies, your body allows you to cure naturally, without the need for complex and surgical treatments.

آبسه دندان، کیست دندان

Small cysts near the gingival can be removed from the mouths of people or other appropriate areas in the mouth, even without anesthesia and anesthetics. However, specialist physicians usually try to numb the affected area before they are cut off.

But a large, painful or infectious cyst usually requires oral surgery, and specialist doctors do not suffer from conventional medications. Of course oral disease specialist and dental practitioners do this kind of oral surgery as well, usually in an outpatient setting and very quickly.

This type of surgery often requires analgesics to keep your body alive throughout your lifecycle and keep it in good condition. Even after the operation and removal of the cyst, the effect of analgesicshousing and resting it   remains in your body, so you should take your companion home and avoid driving until several hours after the operation.

After oral cysts are removed in the surgery, the doctor will probably prescribe a prescription of medicines and antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. These medicines have the potential for infections in the mouth and help you to recover and improve your gums during pregnancy.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult oral and dental practitioners in your city and your place of residence if you have oral problems, especially oral cysts, so that they will be given appropriate treatment regimen, depending on the severity and severity of your oral cysts. Identify relevant medications or outpatient surgeries.

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